By Jeff Hahn, 2013


Steve Rogers is my fitness role model.

In other words, I too want to be injected with a magical serum that’ll give me the perfect body in mere seconds without my having to do any exercise whatsoever.

Tyler Posey: Josh Hutcherson’s #1 Fan


YA LIT MEME | ten series or books [2/10] » The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken


Peeta rolls his eyes at Haymitch. “She has no idea. The effect she can have.” 


First acceptable THG fanart I’ve done in my life, yay! :D

Peeta and his children making cookies *—*

Aww, look at these toast-babies :3 (I’m so proud of myself)

"Are you fighting, Katniss? Are you here to fight with us?"
"I am. I will."